Life wouldn’t be the same without best friends. They’re the friends that can be counted on to be there at a moment’s notice. The ones who love, laugh, support, and cherish – in both good and bad times.

Friendships are an indestructible bond that join many people together in beautiful ways. Celebrating best friends day is just one of the ways you can acknowledge your awesome sidekick and show them how much you love them. 

Take a moment right now to think about that one important person who is there by your side no matter what. They are the person you want to go on vacation with, you turn to them when you are having trouble with relationships and you always want to share secrets with them.

A best friend is the person who you would even share your last cookie with (now that’s friendship!). They are the Batman to your Robin, the sugar to your spice, and the sand to your sea! Who is that person for you? Chances are that person that springs to mind first and foremost is most definitely your best friend.

“Best friends share extremely strong interpersonal ties with each other.” 


We have our own country to thank for this lighthearted holiday. In 1935, the U.S. Congress gathered to devote a day each year in tribute to close friends. They chose June 8, which is usually a balmy day in all regions of the country—perfect for outdoor activities. Since then, many other countries have adopted the practice. Some even throw festivals to celebrate their chosen family.

This holiday has given rise to a handful of other friendship-themed days for celebration, including Friendship Day, Women’s Friendship Day, and even an entire week called Old Friends, New Friends Week. Ironically, almost all celebrations of friendship occur in the summer.

While the holiday seems to have lost popularity through the years, it has seen a recent upsurge in engagement since the advent of social media. Now, on June 8 every year, people rush to post fun photographs of themselves with their most trusted friends. The recognizable hashtag #nationalbestfriendsday allows users to witness just how many Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter users are celebrating along with them.

History of Best Friends Day

Friends can be celebrated on any day of the year, but what better day than Best Friends Day? Way back in 1935, the US congress decided to devote one day to pay tribute to close-knit friendships. It’s lighthearted, super fun, and down-right awesome day that should continue to be recognized and celebrated. 

You might be thinking, “I don’t need a special day to show my bestie how much I love them!” Well, why not? It’s the perfect excuse to get together, enjoy your favorite activity and appreciate them even more than you normally would. Weird as it may be, Best Friends Day is definitely one to be celebrated loud and proud!

How to Celebrate Best Friends Day

One notable and spectacular way to honor that one special person in your life, is to celebrate best friends day, that’s for sure! Whether you’re celebrating old friends or new best friends, now is the ideal moment to show them how much they mean to you. 

You may have met your best friend at school, college, work, through a family member, or even through another friend! Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter where you met your best friend, they will always be your ride or die, buddy. A best friend is so important because they will always be there to listen to you when you are feeling lonely, angry, or frustrated that you have run out of milk!

As well as being there for you during the disappointing times in your life, they are also there to celebrate every success with you. A best friend will always tell you if you have spinach in your teeth and be your number one cheerleader no matter what. You only really need one best friend in order to feel like you have a trusty companion. Although a large group of friends might seem appealing having one trustworthy best friend to celebrate best friends’ day with is all you will ever need!

Millions of people mark this special day each year by celebrating with their nearest and dearest. You could say that one of the most exciting things about Best Friends Day is that many people don’t even know it exists. Is your closest buddy blissfully unaware of this special day? You could genuinely surprise your them with a small or grand gesture that blows their socks off!

Celebrations can be as low key or as flamboyant as desired. A picnic in the park, a get together over coffee, or a nice meal in a favorite restaurant are popular ways to celebrate a close friendship. There are a number of ways to observe best friends day this year. First of all, why not call up your best friend in the world and have a long-overdue catch-up? This is the perfect way to celebrate if you are in a long-distance friendship.

Should distance keep best friends apart, it’s enough to pick up the phone to wish that special person a very happy Best Friends Day. Thank goodness for technology and video calling; that allows us to stay in touch with those who are far away from us. Another cool way to acknowledge best friends day is by buying a surprise gift for your number one pal. 

Situations You and Your Best Friend May Have Experienced Together:

Here are some weird and wonderful situations that you and your best friend could find yourselves in at some point in your friendship:

You and your best friend have probably got lost at some point together. Is it really a friendship if you have never ended up in the middle of nowhere and unable to find your end destination? Getting out of these situations is true friendship for you!

You have probably called your best friend in an excitable state to let them know some amazing news that has just happened in your life. A best friend will always be excited to share your wins with you!

Have you and your best friend ever spent the entire night on the phone to each other and not realized how late it was? A true best friend is someone you could spend hours on the phone with and never run out of things to say.

At some point in your friendship you have probably called your best friend crying about an upsetting situation that has happened in your life. Whether that is a relationship break up or an embarrassing moment at work, your bestie will always be the first person to know about it, that’s for sure!

Have you ever been in any of these situations with your best friend? If so, your friendship has definitely stood the test of time and you are both in it for the long haul.

Whether you blow them away with a weekend away or you take them on an unexpected shopping spree, there are so many amazing ways to show your pal how much you care, this Best Friends Day!

A useful tool for those who want to keep track of the upcoming important days:

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